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Our Vision

Transforming minds one family at a time.

Our Mission

Last Day Outreach mission is to purposely use our resources to showcase the skills and abilities of individuals and families seeking to renew their goals and objectives in rebuilding their lives with a new skill and attitude.

According to Joel 2:28 paraphrased, one day all men and women will be equipped to walk in their divine purpose and calling to re-shape, re-define and restore the broken components in our homes, community and nation To provide relative solutions and holistic approaches to mend the mind and hearts of God’s people. Our mission statement is based on an approach that analyzes every aspect of an individual and addresses all of them rather than a particular component.

Our Staff and Board of Directors

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Become a Partner

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Our Core Values

Love – We believe that unconditional love has the power to restore hope. Freely we have received, freely we give. Love is not based on performance or behavior, but because each person is valuable.

Integrity – We practice integrity in the stewardship of the resources entrusted to us and we always make righteousness a priority in our words and actions.

Honor – We chose to honor everyone with respect and dignity at all times.

Excellence – We are focused on achieving the highest levels of organizational performance through the use of researched best practices, and by consistently making decisions based on the highest good for our organization, clients and community.

Unity – We believe unity and solidarity among our board, staff and volunteers creates a solid foundation for us to grow, and provides stability and consistency to those we serve.

Development – We believe that every mistake or failure is not promptly a cause for dismissal or removal, but an opportunity to learn and grow. A willingness to overcome the barrier is all that is needed to reach higher levels of success than could be obtained before.

Diversity – We believe in and nurture the intrinsic worth of every member of our board, staff, volunteers & clients. We work within an environment of trust in which every person can contribute his/her unique gifts and skills.

Commitment – We are dedicated to achieving our Mission and Vision, and keep a commitment to our Bylaws in the forefront of all decisions.

Self determination – We recognize the right of all people to choose the appropriate decision for their own lives and do not mandate them to accept our views to receive services.

Collaboration – We believe that together we can accomplish more than any one of us can accomplish alone. We work together as a staff to reach our goals, as well as collaborate with others outside our organization.

Our Founder

Marvalene Foster is the Founder of Last Day Outreach Family Life Enrichment Center, Inc. and a native of Georgia. Apostle Foster has been in leadership of pasturing for the last 25 years on TV and radio. Apostle Foster’s ministry has extended throughout the State of Georgia and throughout the United States.

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